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Tops-down or from the ground up, you’ll find correct structure, maternal character, solid EPD’s and eye appeal in our Donors.
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Dameron Northern Miss 3198
Registration Number: 17799163 (View pedigree)
Date of Birth: September 16, 2013
sire: EXG RS First Rate S903 R3
dam: Dameron Northern Miss 3114

Schultz Lookout 414 35A
Registration Number: 18533460 (View pedigree)
Date of Birth: November 23, 2015
sire: B C Lookout 7024
dam: J&J Queen 414

This female is proven to generate unparalleled “look”, quality, structural soundness, and power. Purebred Angus Cow from the prestigious 414 Cow Family Line. Her first calf sold for 50K in Oklahoma! More information to follow.

dam: J&J Queen 414


Schultz Lookout 414 35Y
sire: Clifford
dam: J&J Queen 414

Gambles JAS Jestress 2184
Registration Number: 17869060 (View pedigree)
Date of Birth: February 17, 2014
sire: PVF Insight 0129
dam: Gambles Jestress 9035

BWL Image 8B
Registration Number: 2874583 (View pedigree)
Date of Birth: February 2, 2014
sire: Mr HOC Broker
dam: J&C/SS Bernadette

BWL Image 8B is a Broker heifer who turns heads everywhere she goes. This pretty blaze-faced girl came to us from B & L Cattle Company through the 2014 New Direction sale, where she was among the high-sellers. Lovingly shown, she won her division at the 2014 Iowa State Fair, was second in her class at Kansas City, and won her division in the 2015 San Antonio Open Show. Her latest win in 2016 AJSA National Champion Cow-Calf Pair celebrates her pedigree and high quality offspring capabilities. We love her attractive, balanced look, big hip and depth of body which follows her mother’s characteristics. Her mother, J&C/SS Bernadette produced the 2011 Denver Grand Champion Bull (BWL Hard Core). Exquisite in her design and lineage, we are proud to have her in our Simmental donor program.

sire: Mr HOC Broker

dam: J&C/SS Bernadette

Beautiful, stout female calf, very much like her mother. Future champion!

CMFM Firefly 139CCMFM
Registration Number: 3100259 (View pedigree)
Date of Birth: October 2, 2015
sire: Circle M Tejas
dam: OBCC Firefly 139A

CMFM Firefly lights up our SimAngus donor group with some of the most
renowned Angus sire families (B C Lookout and CMFM Tejas) on her topside and maternal show maven OBCC Firefly on the Simmental side. Moderate in frame and built to outperform her legendary mother (the 2015 Simmental Breeders Sweepstakes Champion), CMFM Firefly has Division Champion wins from the 2016 American Royal, and 2016 NAILE to her credit. Co-owned with Tanner Howey.